lundi 5 octobre 2009

Creation professional website

Create my professional website where I put all of various offers on Real Estates worldwide, Financial Investment, my future projects.

vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Audit - Consulting - Correct the whole documents French and English

26 june:

Auditing, Consulting, Correct the whole documents French version as English version
to a document Battery Re-Use System of a Japaneese contact.

Akinori Koyama

jeudi 25 juin 2009

Different works

From April 2009 to June 2009, I worked to various activities:
- Helping a business contact from Ireland, Eric Kastler to re-structure his CV-Word by form and by background.
- Auditing a website of a business contact from India, Kripa Trivedi and giving some advise to restructure his website
- Looking for clients to Trades Companies TorFx and TICN.

jeudi 21 mai 2009

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

I have an excellent contact who is specialist to a Predictive and Preventive Maintenance to all equipments: Mechanical & Electrical. He offers a diagnostic service, detecting malfunction and hiden defects with Infrared Thermography & Ultrasound Scanning. If you need more detail informations, feel free to contact me.

Different Activities

From January to Mars 2009, I was in training to Human Ressources software with a Company Decide Competence to Sweden. Auditing the system and advising to provide a different program structure.

My first activity is working as Independent Consulting to HR. My expertises are Audit, Consulting, Organization and give some Training too.

My second activity is working to a Trader Company, TorFx: awarded 2nd places in the Sunday Times Fast Track Award. Looking for clients.

At the same time I work on different projects as restructuration plan, organization, ... to the aim of raising visibility of goods to the store, reduce overstocks, ...

I can also work at any activities with Engineering methods: collect data, build model, develop algorithms, analyze results and give some advises.

I'm Top on Quality Control.