mercredi 16 avril 2008

International job mobility for HR Managers

Sebastiano Fabio Fortuna, Manager from Italy asked some question on Xing:

Exhausted from the Italian job market, willing to move abroad (where I used to live and where I very often travelled), I am thinking seriously to the referred matter.

For this reason, in the idea to change, I would like to have your opinion on the job mobility concerning Hr managers, as me.

EU treaty and other EU laws declare the mentioned job mobility, but how real is this mobility today for HR managers that want to go abroad to work?

Which -do you think- are the main obsatcles and problems do you think there would be? Any suggestion?

Thank you for each answer.

Sebastiano Fabio

My thoughts about it.

Dear Sebastiano,

Job mobility concerning HR managers is really an excellent news for the Development of professionalism on HR because each time you move to any country and occupy a new post on HR, you have a new view of new people so you have a great pragmatic view on HR and you can have the most comparative on HR between different countries. It could gives you some thoughts to create your own organization as who can works with who with the best relation between quality and quantity work for example.

Only, the main obstacles and problems for that is:

First, the languages. If everybody use the common language, it's great and there is no problem. Ifnot, not obvious!! It depends on your languages spoken.

Second, you have no fix land, no fix home. Consequently, you have a family life with no stability.

Perhaps, this system is most great for the single people!

Hope I bring you the most thoughts about it.

Best regards,