jeudi 28 février 2008

Bill Gates's question on LinkedIn

How can we do more to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and technology?

I want to share to you my think about it.

Excellent and interesting question. But the question is so waste because it's concerning all of the young people around the world. I'm trying to give my think about it. We limit this discussion to such science as computer science for example and to any continent but it also available to others sciences obviously. Everybody dreams having great life but If science destroy life means the science development computer raising down the number of employment means raising up the strike number. The young people have no more interest to purse any career on it. I don't give details, that's clear I think!
- measure space
- count population number
- calculate natality number/sec
- calculate teenager number/country
- calculate adult or employee by science career number/country
- calculate mortality number/country
get the relation between those datas.
And if you can give the concrete example to any year that there are some post create or post free to any career in science at x time. The population verify this information if its really attainable for any year. Sure, the parents explain and motivate their children to pursue science career. And the young people have a big motivated to pursue career on it.
Don't forget!
Science career doesn't involved without literaty career. So both must sharing interest!!!

lundi 25 février 2008

Die Zunkuft der Ökonomie written by Christian Makossa

I read and get correction to an article written by an economist german about economy.

Its an important article about the Future Economy. The headline is "Die Zunkuft der Ökonomie".

You'll see my comments about it.


Dear Christian,

I read your article about Ökonomie. It's really interesting as article! I'll give you my comment of it in english.

My essentials points: The global structure is good with logical structure. It shows that you are scientist.

Only when you start to write the sentences, if possible start with the positive think next negative think.
E.g: you said: "At the weekend, I not only in economics, literature research, journals and contributions at the forum foresight in the internet platform XING and....".
You had to write:
"This weekend, I have some economy work, literature research, journals and at the same time I contribute at the forum foresight in the internet platform XING and....".

Avoid the arrow if possible on how to the system works. The better use the diagrams.

Get space each paragraph and don't forget to use the dot each sentence's end.

I think if you get the correction. It will be the good dissertation.

Hope hearing from you very soon.


lundi 4 février 2008

Audit to Facebook

I connected to Facebook today. I received an invitation from one people from my contact's list to challenge a Quizz Game " Soccer team"
I remarked to his profile that a message I sent to some of my friend's list last week had a bad direction and it arrived to it profile. The result, the system is trafficking by anyone!!! by who? by anyone who wanted be a favor to receive any message from anyone. To this case the Facebook system is trafficking by him who sent me an invitation or by his friend's group!!!!