vendredi 3 octobre 2008

Contribute to the important question to Ecademy!

The President and CEO of Ziegler Corporation, Jim Ziegler asked this question to Ecademy:

What If Your Whole World Came Crashing Down Today? by
Emma Ravalimanana on 3-Oct-08 1:39am

Dear Jim,

Sorry to hear those problems! It costs a big damage to the whole World! But always IMPORTANT having a positive mind and positive attitude!

I give a synthesize of my opinion. I don't access to the problem details so I don't reply your question step by step.

For replying your question: "What If your Whole Came Crashing Down Today?"

My first question, why it happen?

We know those problems came from the human's problem NOT a problem of nature!

I analyze all situations in using the simple questions Why - When - What - How?

Sure those problem was from different problems of Manangement such as Human Ressources Management, Financial Management, and many more else!

I get some meeting and invit different people from different countries with an amount numbers of people with no exception, no classification social, no favourite religion, ....

I collect their thoughts and get some statistics! I hope that's clear, don't give any concrete example for that!

If the statistic shows the real problem original, it will be possible to avoid it to the future, trying to find the new system and new structural organization because damage cost very big type of operational risk!

Think to my expression "Anywhere we are from, our Good Education, Intelligence and New Concept are the MOST importants"

lundi 9 juin 2008

Participate to LinkedIn Question

Bill Fryman, Manager, Systems Operations and Support, University Libraries at Washington University asked some question to LinkedIn about "Should users manage their own PCs?

My suggestions:

Yes and No.

Yes, if you have technical knowledges, you know the:
- difference between Server and PC stations.
- difference between software and hardware
- difference between Anti-virus and Firewall
- software licence
- difference between Spyware and Malware
- have a good memory to keep all informations about your PCs: identification, password, ...

And you know:
- where do you locate news softwares installation?
- How do you organize your desktop?
- How do you organize your differents files?
- What do you want and need to install to your PCs?

If Not,
- Don't take any risk!
- Call a Technician to do all works.

mercredi 16 avril 2008

International job mobility for HR Managers

Sebastiano Fabio Fortuna, Manager from Italy asked some question on Xing:

Exhausted from the Italian job market, willing to move abroad (where I used to live and where I very often travelled), I am thinking seriously to the referred matter.

For this reason, in the idea to change, I would like to have your opinion on the job mobility concerning Hr managers, as me.

EU treaty and other EU laws declare the mentioned job mobility, but how real is this mobility today for HR managers that want to go abroad to work?

Which -do you think- are the main obsatcles and problems do you think there would be? Any suggestion?

Thank you for each answer.

Sebastiano Fabio

My thoughts about it.

Dear Sebastiano,

Job mobility concerning HR managers is really an excellent news for the Development of professionalism on HR because each time you move to any country and occupy a new post on HR, you have a new view of new people so you have a great pragmatic view on HR and you can have the most comparative on HR between different countries. It could gives you some thoughts to create your own organization as who can works with who with the best relation between quality and quantity work for example.

Only, the main obstacles and problems for that is:

First, the languages. If everybody use the common language, it's great and there is no problem. Ifnot, not obvious!! It depends on your languages spoken.

Second, you have no fix land, no fix home. Consequently, you have a family life with no stability.

Perhaps, this system is most great for the single people!

Hope I bring you the most thoughts about it.

Best regards,


dimanche 30 mars 2008

Others expertises

Robert Oosthout, Attorney at law, mediator and wealthcoach from Netherlands left me some message to my profile on Ecademy. You see below our conversation.

Dear Emma,

Thank you for visiting my profile.

What is your expertise?

What is the biggest project you are working on right now?

How can I bring you in contact with people that can support you in realizing your projects?

My invitation is that we connect, so we can support eachother.

If you reply to this message we are connected.

Kind regards,

Robert Oosthout.

I replied him:

Dear Robert Ooshout,

Many thanks to your message. It's a big honor for me to connect to the people as you!

For responding your message, I'm independent consulting and my expertises are based on Audit, Consulting, Organization and Training.

Example given:
To the IT, some directors don't have the good view of their organization. They cite lack of appropriate data quality in their information systems and they lost so much revenue to the impact of poor data quality management. So I can get an intervention and give my expertise on how having good data structure.

I have some project to work with HR too because I'm an extraordinary headhunting, I have a good organization on it.

I wish to be a famous...and making some advertisement of some products as perfume, sun glasses or getting movie or being speaker!

Right, I have many and many wish and really want to realize most of them!

Please look after my profile, it gives you some details of my expertises.

It will be pleasure for me if you could introduce me to one of your experts contacts
Hope hearing from you very soon.

Best regards,

Emma Ravalimanana

mercredi 26 mars 2008

Auditing expression - Consulting

Georgina Lester is a friend contact on Ecademy. She is PR and Marketing Consultant from UK. She wants having some good French expression, she asked me to give her some training on French expression.

You'll see below our conversation:

Dear Georgina,

You are very welcome!

I want just to rectify your syntax error to your last french message. So, when you write in French next time, try having the same structure. Avoid all parasiticals words! I'll give you some details when you are coming to Paris.

Your message was:

Cher Emma,

Je suis tres heureuse! Votre reponse - tres bon! Vous parlez francais tres tres bien!!

Je pourrais éventuellement vous donner quelques cours d'expressions françaises pour améliorer le niveau si vous le souhaitez. Oui, oui, s'il vous plait!

J'espère avoir votre nouvelle très bientôt. Peut etre en englais - je crois que c'est plus facile pour moi - a ce moment!

A bientot!



My point of view with the correction about it

Chère Emma,

Je suis très heureuse de recevoir votre réponse. Vous parlez très très bien le français! (normally, you hadn't say that because this expression is available for anyone who speaks French very well!)

Je pourrais éventuellement vous donner quelques cours d'expressions françaises pour améliorer votre niveau si vous le souhaitez. Oui, j'en souhaiterais vraiment!

J'espère recevoir très bientôt de votre nouvelle. Peut-être, vous allez m'écrire en anglais. Pour moi pour le moment, je crois que c'est mieux!

A bientôt!



Hope we are having some meetings to Paris. We'll talk more about French expression.

Best regards,


jeudi 28 février 2008

Bill Gates's question on LinkedIn

How can we do more to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and technology?

I want to share to you my think about it.

Excellent and interesting question. But the question is so waste because it's concerning all of the young people around the world. I'm trying to give my think about it. We limit this discussion to such science as computer science for example and to any continent but it also available to others sciences obviously. Everybody dreams having great life but If science destroy life means the science development computer raising down the number of employment means raising up the strike number. The young people have no more interest to purse any career on it. I don't give details, that's clear I think!
- measure space
- count population number
- calculate natality number/sec
- calculate teenager number/country
- calculate adult or employee by science career number/country
- calculate mortality number/country
get the relation between those datas.
And if you can give the concrete example to any year that there are some post create or post free to any career in science at x time. The population verify this information if its really attainable for any year. Sure, the parents explain and motivate their children to pursue science career. And the young people have a big motivated to pursue career on it.
Don't forget!
Science career doesn't involved without literaty career. So both must sharing interest!!!

lundi 25 février 2008

Die Zunkuft der Ökonomie written by Christian Makossa

I read and get correction to an article written by an economist german about economy.

Its an important article about the Future Economy. The headline is "Die Zunkuft der Ökonomie".

You'll see my comments about it.


Dear Christian,

I read your article about Ökonomie. It's really interesting as article! I'll give you my comment of it in english.

My essentials points: The global structure is good with logical structure. It shows that you are scientist.

Only when you start to write the sentences, if possible start with the positive think next negative think.
E.g: you said: "At the weekend, I not only in economics, literature research, journals and contributions at the forum foresight in the internet platform XING and....".
You had to write:
"This weekend, I have some economy work, literature research, journals and at the same time I contribute at the forum foresight in the internet platform XING and....".

Avoid the arrow if possible on how to the system works. The better use the diagrams.

Get space each paragraph and don't forget to use the dot each sentence's end.

I think if you get the correction. It will be the good dissertation.

Hope hearing from you very soon.


lundi 4 février 2008

Audit to Facebook

I connected to Facebook today. I received an invitation from one people from my contact's list to challenge a Quizz Game " Soccer team"
I remarked to his profile that a message I sent to some of my friend's list last week had a bad direction and it arrived to it profile. The result, the system is trafficking by anyone!!! by who? by anyone who wanted be a favor to receive any message from anyone. To this case the Facebook system is trafficking by him who sent me an invitation or by his friend's group!!!!

dimanche 27 janvier 2008

Go to visit the differents websites with excellent products from differents countries

I introduce you some differents and excellent friends's products. You need just take a bit time to visit their websites if you want looking for thoughts and ideas, the excellent designs to your office, to your home, the excellent products for the skin to rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and refine your body, also the products for providing immediate evidence of your carotenoid antioxidant level, for the nutritional health ressources and many more else as trading, technology product and many many more as print pictures, get books, ...
I'm sure after taking a bit time to this section page, you'll happy! You can leave some comments.

mercredi 23 janvier 2008

Build iLike with differents musics: Pop Rock, International varieties, Country, Rock, ...

I was looking for any musics to any musicals's websites with differents themes and varieties as Pop-rock, Rock, Country, International variety.

I personalized and added the differents songs to my iLike with my favourites artists and songs.

How about iLike?

iLike is a social music discovery service that lets consumers get personalized recommendations and follow what their friends are listening to.

Go to visit my iLike in clicking its link to my profile section.

Enjoy it and tell me about how do you think.

vendredi 18 janvier 2008

Audit Information & Audit Process

Today, I was to Spock Beta. I saw, there are some problem to the text validation to my profile. I see it was due to the tags. I've just contacted the administrator to fix this problem. Hope it will be done sooner!
You'll see below the text I sent to the administrator.

jeudi 17 janvier 2008

Audit Expression (AE)

I realize and correct for the companies and to the individual people the typographicals signs and the spellings as well as the expressions in the aim of making sure that the mails, letters or slides are correctly written. Make page-setting.

Ludovic Robb's book: Eddie et le trésor de fourmis "Eddy with the treasure of the ants".

Audit Text and Expression (AT and AE)

When I connected on different websites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, ... I see each one has its way of being expressed.

All of my contacts to those websites have most important people with much personal values। Some of them are politician, Engineer, Lawyer, President, … The right problem is, we are from different continents/countries so, we have different think.

I created and wish introduce the common think in using the same language's structure to everybody who use English writing to anyone throughout the world.

How did I do?

I analyzed, synthezised and get structure the expressions for having especially the most short expressions in writing. Its system is also available to the speaking.

How having one communicates to various people throughout the world with a facility to express himself?

The example below given you how having the same writing with the right and easy communication in using good writing and good communication to your contacts.

The text’s structure has the form and structure in raising down.

How having this structure in mind?

Everybody must have positive mind. The simple way how having positive mind is writing and speaking with positive thing.

Think about this simple mathematics functions: “dérivé” of f(x).

F is a polynomial function. It defines by IR from ]-infinity -> +infinity[

F(x)= 3x²+2x+1 F ‘(x)=6x+2; f ‘(x) is the dérivé of f(x). If f '(x)=0 => x=-1/३

X -3 -2 -1 -1/3 0 1 2 3
Y 22 9 2 2/3 1 6 15 34

1- The first case, f is raising down from ]-infinity -> -1/3[
2- The second case, f is raising up from ]-1/3, -> +infinity[

We only use the first case.To any writing, we can use the next text structure:

If UnknownPeople "Dear Madam/Sir (First Name + Last Name)"
Write the Positive Text next Negative Text

Else"Dear First Name"
Write Positive text - Negative text
Best wishes,


Thankfull text:

The excellent text must start by "Thanks to ....."

Dear Candy Virginia,

I'm really happy having you as a friend. Hope we could exchange news and the best things to the best life's qualities.


Emma Virginie

She replied:

Dear Emma Virginie,

Thanks to your message.

Looking forward to read your profile's update.

Best wishes,

Virginia Candy

To apologize:

The excellent text must start by "Sorry, ...."

Dear Juan,

Sorry, I couldn't reply your quizz because I don't yet speak italian!

Best wishes,


The right sentences's order if we next the right under structure:

Juan said: "I don't speak Italian, I speak Spanish. They have many similarities, but are two different languages. But don't worry because they can look very similar".

I speak Spanish. I don't speak Italian. They have many similarities the both languages. Don't worry, they look very similar.