lundi 9 juin 2008

Participate to LinkedIn Question

Bill Fryman, Manager, Systems Operations and Support, University Libraries at Washington University asked some question to LinkedIn about "Should users manage their own PCs?

My suggestions:

Yes and No.

Yes, if you have technical knowledges, you know the:
- difference between Server and PC stations.
- difference between software and hardware
- difference between Anti-virus and Firewall
- software licence
- difference between Spyware and Malware
- have a good memory to keep all informations about your PCs: identification, password, ...

And you know:
- where do you locate news softwares installation?
- How do you organize your desktop?
- How do you organize your differents files?
- What do you want and need to install to your PCs?

If Not,
- Don't take any risk!
- Call a Technician to do all works.