dimanche 30 mars 2008

Others expertises

Robert Oosthout, Attorney at law, mediator and wealthcoach from Netherlands left me some message to my profile on Ecademy. You see below our conversation.

Dear Emma,

Thank you for visiting my profile.

What is your expertise?

What is the biggest project you are working on right now?

How can I bring you in contact with people that can support you in realizing your projects?

My invitation is that we connect, so we can support eachother.

If you reply to this message we are connected.

Kind regards,

Robert Oosthout.

I replied him:

Dear Robert Ooshout,

Many thanks to your message. It's a big honor for me to connect to the people as you!

For responding your message, I'm independent consulting and my expertises are based on Audit, Consulting, Organization and Training.

Example given:
To the IT, some directors don't have the good view of their organization. They cite lack of appropriate data quality in their information systems and they lost so much revenue to the impact of poor data quality management. So I can get an intervention and give my expertise on how having good data structure.

I have some project to work with HR too because I'm an extraordinary headhunting, I have a good organization on it.

I wish to be a famous...and making some advertisement of some products as perfume, sun glasses or getting movie or being speaker!

Right, I have many and many wish and really want to realize most of them!

Please look after my profile, it gives you some details of my expertises.

It will be pleasure for me if you could introduce me to one of your experts contacts
Hope hearing from you very soon.

Best regards,

Emma Ravalimanana

mercredi 26 mars 2008

Auditing expression - Consulting

Georgina Lester is a friend contact on Ecademy. She is PR and Marketing Consultant from UK. She wants having some good French expression, she asked me to give her some training on French expression.

You'll see below our conversation:

Dear Georgina,

You are very welcome!

I want just to rectify your syntax error to your last french message. So, when you write in French next time, try having the same structure. Avoid all parasiticals words! I'll give you some details when you are coming to Paris.

Your message was:

Cher Emma,

Je suis tres heureuse! Votre reponse - tres bon! Vous parlez francais tres tres bien!!

Je pourrais éventuellement vous donner quelques cours d'expressions françaises pour améliorer le niveau si vous le souhaitez. Oui, oui, s'il vous plait!

J'espère avoir votre nouvelle très bientôt. Peut etre en englais - je crois que c'est plus facile pour moi - a ce moment!

A bientot!



My point of view with the correction about it

Chère Emma,

Je suis très heureuse de recevoir votre réponse. Vous parlez très très bien le français! (normally, you hadn't say that because this expression is available for anyone who speaks French very well!)

Je pourrais éventuellement vous donner quelques cours d'expressions françaises pour améliorer votre niveau si vous le souhaitez. Oui, j'en souhaiterais vraiment!

J'espère recevoir très bientôt de votre nouvelle. Peut-être, vous allez m'écrire en anglais. Pour moi pour le moment, je crois que c'est mieux!

A bientôt!



Hope we are having some meetings to Paris. We'll talk more about French expression.

Best regards,