vendredi 3 octobre 2008

Contribute to the important question to Ecademy!

The President and CEO of Ziegler Corporation, Jim Ziegler asked this question to Ecademy:

What If Your Whole World Came Crashing Down Today? by
Emma Ravalimanana on 3-Oct-08 1:39am

Dear Jim,

Sorry to hear those problems! It costs a big damage to the whole World! But always IMPORTANT having a positive mind and positive attitude!

I give a synthesize of my opinion. I don't access to the problem details so I don't reply your question step by step.

For replying your question: "What If your Whole Came Crashing Down Today?"

My first question, why it happen?

We know those problems came from the human's problem NOT a problem of nature!

I analyze all situations in using the simple questions Why - When - What - How?

Sure those problem was from different problems of Manangement such as Human Ressources Management, Financial Management, and many more else!

I get some meeting and invit different people from different countries with an amount numbers of people with no exception, no classification social, no favourite religion, ....

I collect their thoughts and get some statistics! I hope that's clear, don't give any concrete example for that!

If the statistic shows the real problem original, it will be possible to avoid it to the future, trying to find the new system and new structural organization because damage cost very big type of operational risk!

Think to my expression "Anywhere we are from, our Good Education, Intelligence and New Concept are the MOST importants"