jeudi 17 janvier 2008

Audit Text and Expression (AT and AE)

When I connected on different websites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, ... I see each one has its way of being expressed.

All of my contacts to those websites have most important people with much personal values। Some of them are politician, Engineer, Lawyer, President, … The right problem is, we are from different continents/countries so, we have different think.

I created and wish introduce the common think in using the same language's structure to everybody who use English writing to anyone throughout the world.

How did I do?

I analyzed, synthezised and get structure the expressions for having especially the most short expressions in writing. Its system is also available to the speaking.

How having one communicates to various people throughout the world with a facility to express himself?

The example below given you how having the same writing with the right and easy communication in using good writing and good communication to your contacts.

The text’s structure has the form and structure in raising down.

How having this structure in mind?

Everybody must have positive mind. The simple way how having positive mind is writing and speaking with positive thing.

Think about this simple mathematics functions: “dérivé” of f(x).

F is a polynomial function. It defines by IR from ]-infinity -> +infinity[

F(x)= 3x²+2x+1 F ‘(x)=6x+2; f ‘(x) is the dérivé of f(x). If f '(x)=0 => x=-1/३

X -3 -2 -1 -1/3 0 1 2 3
Y 22 9 2 2/3 1 6 15 34

1- The first case, f is raising down from ]-infinity -> -1/3[
2- The second case, f is raising up from ]-1/3, -> +infinity[

We only use the first case.To any writing, we can use the next text structure:

If UnknownPeople "Dear Madam/Sir (First Name + Last Name)"
Write the Positive Text next Negative Text

Else"Dear First Name"
Write Positive text - Negative text
Best wishes,


Thankfull text:

The excellent text must start by "Thanks to ....."

Dear Candy Virginia,

I'm really happy having you as a friend. Hope we could exchange news and the best things to the best life's qualities.


Emma Virginie

She replied:

Dear Emma Virginie,

Thanks to your message.

Looking forward to read your profile's update.

Best wishes,

Virginia Candy

To apologize:

The excellent text must start by "Sorry, ...."

Dear Juan,

Sorry, I couldn't reply your quizz because I don't yet speak italian!

Best wishes,


The right sentences's order if we next the right under structure:

Juan said: "I don't speak Italian, I speak Spanish. They have many similarities, but are two different languages. But don't worry because they can look very similar".

I speak Spanish. I don't speak Italian. They have many similarities the both languages. Don't worry, they look very similar.

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Mark Scrimshire a dit…


I have never seen email reduced to a calculation before. Interesting approach!